Lesson 3 ACES

Lesson 3 introduces us to ACES - Adverse Childhood Experiences. This has been a focus of intense studies since the 1990s, and is the foundation to understanding childhood trauma as the nation's largest public health crisis. There is a lot to learn in this unit, and it's so important that I've provided you with a link to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website on ACEs so you can take advantage of all the resources there. Also on your Supplemental Resources handout you'll find a link to Dr. Nadine Burke Harris' TEDTalk video, which you won't want to miss. Dr. Burke Harris is one of the nations leading pediatricians and educators on ACEs and no course on trauma would be complete without her.

Watch the video here, then take time to explore the additional resources, including a transcript of an interview with Oprah that you can find in Lesson 3 of your Google folder. Come back and take a short quiz on ACEs before moving onto the next lesson.

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